Mid-Winter / Christmas

To everyone this Christmas in a ‘modern’ world :
An opportunity to be alone or with your friend or ‘partner’ outside on Christmas Eve to perceive the world as it is for you and listen to the ‘silence’ and ‘view the Midnight Sun’.
Contrast this by going indoors and sit down at your ‘prepared computer (draped or adjusted to minimize/reduce the screen light’, no other lights (candle if you wish), close your eyes and listen to this version of “Silent Night” (#5, Silent Night, Christmas Carols by Canterbury Cathedral Choir, 1955)

– none other than a woman’s solo voice can present/convey the content of the first verse so intimately;  verse two radiates out into the surrounding world;  the whole heavens resound in the third verse . . .

05 Silent Night

…and so, we are all together, the world over, this Christmas…
Happy Christmas !