Mid-Winter / Christmas

To everyone this Christmas in a ‘modern’ world :
An opportunity to be alone or with your friend or ‘partner’ outside on Christmas Eve to perceive the world as it is for you and listen to the ‘silence’ and ‘view the Midnight Sun’.
Contrast this by going indoors and sit down at your ‘prepared computer (draped or adjusted to minimize/reduce the screen light’, no other lights (candle if you wish), close your eyes and listen to this version of “Silent Night” (#5, Silent Night, Christmas Carols by Canterbury Cathedral Choir, 1955)

– none other than a woman’s solo voice can present/convey the content of the first verse so intimately;  verse two radiates out into the surrounding world;  the whole heavens resound in the third verse . . .

05 Silent Night

…and so, we are all together, the world over, this Christmas…
Happy Christmas !

By and large the original Christmas Event is commemorated in churches and, compared to the world population, only by a small number of individuals and families, today.

Generally, a tradition has evolved how Christmas is observed or possibly also celebrated in our present time.  And yet, it can be recognized and appreciated that, unbeknownst to the majority of the world population, the Being that “was born on Earth – once long ago”, has not been an occurrence that just took place then as a ‘one of ‘ occurrence but one which has been a significant and profound event for the world population ever since AND for this our very earth itself , for all time, times yet to come .

And so, essentially, ‘Christmas’ is a moment in the course and cycle of the year that needs to be recognized in our time as a transformed and still evolving event in the course of the year,  to continue for times yet to come .  In other words, Christmas in our time, is an occurrence and opportunity to ‘investigate’ what it really has become and is today.  Out of this too will evolve the kind of festival that is appropriate for our time .

Ideally then, the more people that got together to take up this realization, would be contributing to the formation and celebration of Christmas, appropriate to its very nature, in our present time .

SILENT NIGHT, HOLY NIGHT – peace and good will to all ..

Devoted hearts will turn to the ‘Christmas Story’ in reverence.
Thus, in reverent devotion, the ‘Christmas Event’ can become reality anew in the souls of present 20th Century mankind.
And so too, the Christmas Event will again become more and more relevant for the hearts of all who turn to this profound Central Event in the cycle of the year with devotion, in times yet to come .
With Best Wishes for this Christmas and the New Year ahead to everyone , the world over .

We don’t need guns in the first place .
To begin with , they represent a contrary manifestation of ‘being human’.
Yes , of course , get rid of guns entirely AND the whole ‘violence-producing entertainment industry’.
Unscrupulous manufacturers and producers there will not lose out – we will turn them around , giving them better and much needed products to produce instead , that are beneficial to humanity .
What is needed is an orientation and education that is appropriate and essential for ALL adults , the developing child , youth and young adults , the whole world over.